Port Captain and Supercargo Services

Our company VTS SHIPPING is control and management of loading/discharging ships in Turkish ports Captain/Supercargo attendance.

Port Captains/Supercargoes of our company are "Oceangoing Master" professionals, having many years experience in this work all over the world, they are specialists with higher marine education and sufficient practice on large capacity vessels. The main duty of Port Captain/Supercargo is to protect the clients interests, save their time and worn them against extra expenses.


Port Captain and Supercargo Services

Our Supercargo / Port Captain service is an economical service that “puts you there” providing a crucial link between the vessels cleaning operation and your vessel operator. The information is available almost instantly, giving you the opportunity to change procedures during an operation. Daily reports and photos with competent comments and advices will show you a real time situation on board the ship. For hold preparation, strapping and or securing of product operations, having an on scene representative to coordinate and supervise your vessels in port operations will greatly improve performance, reliability and translate into overall savings.

The primary duties and responsibilities of VTS Shipping Port Captain/Supercargo is to protect our clients´ interests, avoiding against extra expenses, but assist in assuring safe, positive, expeditious results.

Our main goal is to liaise between the vessel, Stevedore, and Principal to ensure a smooth & expedient discharge. Our objective is to provide timely info, pictures, recommendations, and foresight prior to our Knockdown Crews and/or Washing Crews boarding. Our port captain will board the vessel to access hold conditions, assist crew in its knockdown process, and review voyage details in order to make recommendations to operators that may expedite the cleaning process after the current cargo is discharged. We work with Stevedore and vessel Officers in order to agree to a discharge rotation which will not impede the discharge process while still allowing the cleaning to start at the earliest possible time, minimizing delays post discharge where allowed. We will provide up to the minute reporting on the discharge/cleaning progress supported by photos, on site to make immediate adjustments and/or recommendations as needed.

Let us know how we may assist you any ware in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico or Mid Atlantic ports. Under our Port Captains Supervision, Crews are coordinated in such a way to minimize cost while maximizing cleaning efforts to meet or exceed customer expectations.

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